What are the benefits of a SOLAMAGIC heater?

What are the benefits of a SOLAMAGIC heater?

Owning a Solamagic Patio Heater provides lots of warmly welcomed benefits

» no warming-up phase, heat is immediately available when switching on the appliance
» high efficiency through targeted heat radiation
» heat cannot be blown away by a draughts and wind
» extremely simple installation
» noiseless and odour-free operation
» Cost effective. 60 % cost savings compared to comparable gas heating systems, 30 % cost savings compared to conventional types of electric heating systems
» splash-water protected to IP24
» flexible mounting onto a wall, ceiling or structure or on a tripod
» colour variations possible
» can be integrated into any ambience with its shapely and compact design
» reddish glow generates Mediterranean flair
» highest efficiency through converting up to 92 % of the energy used into heat
» can be used for a wide range of purposes indoors and outdoors
» intensity continuously variable (with heat controller)
» reliable up to 5,000 hrs lamp life
» environmentally friendly no emissions or consumption of oxygen
» clean no pollution or noise produced by air or dust circulation


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