SOLAMAGIC Infrared heater technology is the perfect solution for the heating needs of the large open areas found in Alfresco dining, cafes, relaxation garden areas for hotels and clubs, as well as in industrial applications such as warehouses, factories and loading areas.

SOLAMAGIC Infrared heaters provide a highly efficient and cost effective heating solution for these large open areas.

Choose from our range of outdoor heating products or a customised SOLAMAGIC solution.


 Sundowner 2x 1400W

 Umbrella mast brackets
and structures
with 4x 1400W

 Workshops and worksites.
Portable mounting options

A customised solution, SOLAMAGIC is the perfect advertisement media for your products and sponsors.

 Combined heat and advertising solutions with customised colours, back light signage, and sound provide your customers with comfort and information.


 Compact 1400W units at Sea La Vie restaurant
at Dee Why


 Heat/ Light combination at the Hilton Hotel


 Compact 1400W units in workshop application

 Compact units for the building sites  
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