Heat Comparison

A comparison between Solamagic heater technology and a typical gas patio heater system clearly shows how the highly efficient and environmentally friendly way in which Solamagic infrared heating technology out performs, especially outdoors.

Source Solamagic Infrared Halogen tube 1400W  Gas Heater 4000 Watt 
Operating costs (per hour) approx. 20 cents per hour approx. $3.60 per hour 
Efficiency 92% of energy consumed is used for direct heat radiation Only 40% of energy consumed is used as direct heat radiation
Immediate heating effect the warmth is felt immediately the unit is switched on. <1 sec requires a long warm up phase, up to
5 min ( 90% capacity)
Energy supply safety the energy source is the power socket. No safety concerns indoors or out. High potential for danger by using gas, and handling heavy gas cylinders and special storage areas required.
Thermal Image

Focussed directed heat

Heat simply drifts away

CO2 Emissions  no direct CO2 emissions direct CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions.
Installation Options Can be mounted to walls, ceilings and structures or flexibly positioned indoors or outdoors on a stand.  Assembled on a floor stand with positioning restricted. Only outdoor use possible.
Wind sensitivity  low  very high

The innovative heater from Solamagic Australia for every conceivable situation, indoors and outdoors, as well as for commercial and private use.

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